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"Find Places Near You From A Satellite Point Of View"

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Google Earth allows you to have a satellite view of your location, it can even zoom in enough to show you a 3D street view of your location. It also allows you to search for your favorite places that are close to you. It even gives you information about the places.

The only downside is it can drain your battery and while it has details, the details of your favorite places isn't as detailed as other apps such as Yelp or OpenTable.

Overall Google Earth is a great app that gives Google Maps a nice much updated 3D point of view. And while it's not as complete as other apps when it comes to reviews and details, it's enough for most users.

  • Beautiful Satellite View
  • Can Adjust View By Simply Touching The Screen
  • Can Find Places And Give Details Of Places Near You
  • Reviews And Details Of Places Not As Complete As Apps Like Yelp
  • It Can Drain Your Battery Quickly

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08 Aug 2010

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