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Explore the world from your home!

Google Earth for Mac is a geographical browser that uses aerial and satellite imagery as well as data available on the internet to create a three-dimensional representation of planet Earth. Using the program audiences across the globe can zoom in and explore countries, cities, and landmarks from different angles. Easy to use and versatile, it offers various other features like the option to view historical images, import and export GIS files, and adjust the time of day, among others. The desktop program is free to download and also available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. For additional features, you can download Google Earth Pro for Mac.

More advanced than the web version

The web version of the Google Earth program lets you easily explore the world from the comfort of your living room. However, if you’re looking for advanced features and a better way to engage with the program, you should download Google Earth for Mac.

The desktop version of the application lets you fly around a 3D representation of the Earth to zoom in on any location you want to see. You can get driving directions, search for a hotel or a park, tilt the screen to see three-dimensional buildings or take a trip back in time using historic photographs.

Simple and intuitive interface

Google Earth for Mac has a clean interface that is easy to navigate. You can go from Earth to the Moon and then to Mars with just a matter of clicks. The buttons at the top of the dashboard allow you to create a tour, add shapes, pin a location, and change the time of day. The section also includes buttons to save images, share data, and view additional features. You can easily use the handy search bar to find the exact place you wish to explore.

The left-panel of the program lets you add or remove different layers. You can use the provided check-boxes to see images taken by satellites, go on tours, view global maps, 3D buildings, roads, terrain, user gallery, and more. The layers change depending on the celestial body you’re exploring. For instance, if you’re viewing the Moon, you can see the location of the first lunar landing and learn detailed information on Apollo 11.

Multiple ways to use Google Earth

There are many interesting things that you can do with Google Earth, apart from just exploring different landscapes. You can create tours of places you’ve been to, so your friends and family can share in on the experience. You can conduct history lessons using historical imagery, and track the development of the world through the ages.

Google Earth for Mac computers also lets you export images, map distances, and record tours for YouTube. By adjusting the time of day, you can see the same place in a different light or use it for storytelling. It’s a great program for teaching kids about different places in the world.

Advanced features and tools

Google Earth for Mac comes with additional features that are otherwise not available in the web version. Users can utilize the program to print an image file in high resolution. You can also use the tool to get directions from point A to B and adjust placemarks according to your requirements. Advanced users can use the app to measure distances using different area measures, including polygon and circle.

What's new in the latest version of Google Earth?

Apart from offering minor bug fixes and issues, the latest version of Google Earth for Mac offers a new Street View experience, making it easier for users to navigate around. The updated version also informs users of historical imagery wherever it is available. The tool now supports GeoJSON formats and offers enhanced plus codes for search results.

Can I use Google Earth without downloading it?

Yes, you can use Google Earth on any web browser without downloading the software. However, the web version is lacking in a lot of features and isn’t as comprehensive either.

Can I see my house on Google Earth?

You can easily see your house or any other point of interest using Google Earth. Type in your address in the search box available in the left-hand side panel. The program will then fly you directly on top of your home, and you can then access Street View to see a 3D rendition of your place.

Is Google Earth in real-time?

No, Google Earth doesn’t display images and locations in real-time. However, you can use a layer called DailyPlanet provided by NASA to see the closest real-time images in medium or low resolution.

How often does Google Earth take a picture of my house?

Images and other geographical data available on Google Earth is only updated every few years. However, you can find pictures that go back over forty years.

Is Google Earth for Mac 32 or 64-bit?

Considering that Mac OS Catalina doesn’t support 32-bit applications, all Google Earth apps will automatically get updated to 64-bit.

Are there any alternatives?

If you’re looking for alternatives for Google Earth, you should check out World Explorer, Satellite Live, and Marble.

Should I download Google Earth for Mac?

If you’re looking for an interesting geography program using which you can explore the world, you should download Google Earth for Mac. With the help of satellite images and maps, you can see exotic locations, take a virtual tour of your neighborhood, or go back in time using historical data.

The app is quite fun to use and can serve as a great storytelling and learning tool. You can even get directions from one point to another using the geographical browser. Just zoom in to any location on the Earth, Mars, or Moon, and get exploring! If you’re looking for additional features, you can always download the app’s premium version.


  • The desktop app is available for free
  • Comes with advanced features
  • Option to explore different celestial bodies
  • Perfect for history and geography lessons


  • Uses more system resources than the web version

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Google Earth for Mac

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 7.3.6
  • 4

  • Security Status

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    Great stuff. Ideal for time spending and travel planing. Finally tool for quick navigation through whole planet and celestial bodies.

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